Sein Ta Lone Mango

General Product Information:

Dear Customer,

Good day

It is going to get mango season soon. I would like to introduce our country genius fruit that Sein Ta Lone its incredible aroma, bright yellow colour and rich, sweet flavour, the Sein Ta Lone mango is the jewel of Myanmar’s fruit orchards. It has a soft, non-fibrous texture, and its taste is floral and creamy. Its shape is large and elegant, with a distinctive pointed “chin” at one end.

Our trees are cultivated according to GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) standards, using minimal synthetic chemicals. The result of our labour is delicious, huge and chemical-free mangoes of exceptional quality.


Best Regards,

Kyaw Myat Thu 


Delivery Time:customize
Quantities:At least 500 kg
Type:Selling Offer

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